Toshka specializes in infrastructure works but boasts a wide portfolio covering also commercial & residential projects, Facilities Management services and agriculture.


Infrastructure sector

Infrastructure is crucial to the growth and development of communities, as it provides the basic framework for economic activity and social interaction. Our services encompasses a wide range of infrastructure projects, from road and bridge construction to utility and energy systems. 

Our expertise and experience in designing and executing these projects ensures that they are completed efficiently and to a high standard, providing lasting benefits to the community for years to come

  • Asphalt & Concrete paved roads construction and repair

  • Unpaved roads design, construction, and maintenance

  • Dam construction and repair

  • Open channels & ditches construction

  • Sewage networks treatment plant construction and maintenance

  • Water networks treatment plant construction and maintenance

  • Ports & Marinas construction and repair

  • Electrical & telecom networks construction and repair

  • Stormwater drainage system construction and repair

  • Landscaping and irrigation for infrastructure projects

  • Site preparation and excavation for infrastructure projects

  • Environmental mitigation and remediation for infrastructure projects


Residential & commercial sector

 When it comes to our residential construction projects, we place particular emphasis on discourse with the local authorities to ensure that the development plans for the project are met and executed with care.

Our clients praise our full-scale project management and complete construction capabilities as our main strengths. We will look after your commercial project from conception to plastering, MEP work, and everything else in-between.

  • New building construction

  • Renovation and remodeling of existing buildings & interior fit-outs

  • Building additions and extensions

  • Roofing repair and replacement

  • Window and door installation and replacement

  • HVAC & MEP systems installation and repair

  • Painting, decorating & flooring installation and repair

  • Hard & Soft Landscaping and outdoor features

  • Sport facilities construction

  • Project Management & general contracting


Facilities Management sector

Our scope extends beyond the initial construction phase, as we offer a wide range of facilities management services to ensure the longevity, safety, and efficiency of the buildings we construct.

Our facilities management scope includes services such as building maintenance, equipment management, energy management, cleaning and sanitation, waste management, and health and safety management.

  • Preventive & reactive maintenance for buildings and facilities

  • Repairs and replacements for HVAC & MEP systems

  • Fire safety system maintenance and repairs

  • Painting and decorating services

  • Grounds maintenance, including landscaping

  • Cleaning and janitorial services & waste management

  • Pest control services

  • Building security and access control systems

  • Energy management and sustainability services

  • Asset management and inventory control

  • Project management and construction services for facility upgrades and renovations.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment & Monitoring plans


Agriculture Development sector

Our agriculture sector is centered around creating sustainable, innovative, and profitable solutions for agricultural development. We aim to provide a wide range of services and solutions to help farmers and agribusinesses improve their productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

We also operate farms to showcase our expertise and provide practical solutions to our clients. We produce a variety of crops and livestock, and our farming practices are guided by the principles of environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and social responsibility.

  • Land clearing and grading for agricultural purposes

  • Irrigation system installation

  • Drainage system design and installation

  • Fencing and boundary installation

  • Rural road construction and repair

  • Crop protection and pest control services

  • Landscaping and grounds maintenance services for agricultural properties

  • Agricultural infrastructure design and construction, including water supply, electrical systems, and waste management systems.

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